Selected exhibitions

Che Bello, 2020, Kalashnikovv Gallery
We Are Family, 2020, 99 Loop Gallery

Shaping Things, 2020, SMAC Gallery
Spectacle, 2020, THE FOURTH Gallery
Five days of Newness, 2020, Lotus House
House Party, 2021, THEFOURTH Gallery

Selected stockists

Proto at A4 Arts Foundation

The Lobby
Merchants on Long

After a long journey to planet Earth, across the galaxies and beyond, these intergalactic visitors sadly got stuck here on account of the Covid-19 lockdown. In an attempt to be less conspicuous on their occasional outings for essential goods, they've have had to rely on a faulty television solely broadcasting MTV cribs re-runs and the QVC shopping channel for reference.

Che Bello
14 April 2020- 20 May 2020
Duo Exhibition at Kalashnikovv Gallery, Johannesburg